Conferences in Manila - November 2013

This November, for the first time in years joint conferences were arranged in Manila. On 5-7 November, a conference on Cargo, Crisis Management, and for the first time GVO aspects was presented. Two weeks later, the three day Senior Officer’s Conference was held.

The first three day conference included resources from HFS Philippines, HFS China and Höegh Autoliners with the key focus on collaboration in achieving top quality cargo handling.

Oskar Orstadius, Global Cargo Services Manager stated, “we need to keep the standards on cargo operation high in order to compete in this demanding and competitive business environment”. In support to the demand of MLC 2006 on rest hours, Höegh Autoliners will engage the services of a third party lashing team for which the Master of the vessel can employ when required.

Ole Eikanger from the Norwegian Hull Club joined the conference to spend a whole day alone on Crisis Management. During the day incidents and cases from our own organisation were highlighted and firsthand experiences from both the Masters and Chief Officers were shared. Ole emphasised that, “Effective communication is essential in every shipboard operation”.

During his session on GVO aspects, Anatu Maiti, Global Vessel Operations Manager, shared the importance of proper voyage planning; including trim optimisation and bunkering in order to achieve the cost saving measures.

On 18-20 November, the Senior Officer’s Conference followed with participation by HFSP with HFS President Sebjørn Dahl, Per-Erik Moe, Harald Henriksen and Geir Hudø Jørgensen joining from HFS Oslo. In light of the typhoon Haiyan, the ongoing relief operation was highlighted as well as initiatives being put in place from HFS and Höegh Autoliners. Furthermore, Sebjørn Dahl gave an update on the company’s status, and towards the end of the conference four gold watches were awarded to our loyal seafarers who have been in service for twenty five years or more.

Cargo, Crisis Management and GVO Conference Participants

Senior Officers Conference Participants