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Celebrating common ties: HFS seafarers dinner, Philippines

From 25-27 November, Höegh cadets, seafarers and their families met at the MaribagoBlue Water Beach Resort in Cebu City, Philippines to celebrate another good year.

To kick off the event, participants were divided into three teams (Committed, Competent, and Cooperative) to compete in sporting and cheering exercises, with top honours going to the Competent team. The awards dinner took place on the evening of the 26th, when HFS president Yngvil Asheim, senior vice-president Sebjørn Dahl and general manager captain Delfin Lopez, were on hand to distribute prizes. Joining the awardees in the picture was Knut Morten Johansen, Regional Manager for Asia, based in Manila since September 2005.

The event also featured a lively dance performed by HFS seafarers and their families, and a memorable play, recounting the explorer Magellan's first encounter with a famous local warrior in the 16th century. For many, the play's message, which showed how people of different cultures can work together, expressed the spirit cooperation found throughout HFS' organization.

One of the highlights of the party was the awarding of loyalty plaques to Senior Officers who have served the company for at least five years. Fifteen recipients of loyalty awards were presented in the Seafarers Annual Party. Nine received the bronze plaque, one got the silver award and five were awarded the gold loyalty plaques.

Standing from left: Sebjørn Dahl, Choff Maximino Ang Espina Jr., Eng2 Roderick Llanto, Choff Ingemar Cueto,Cheng Roy Alon, Cheng Victorino Mahinay, Capt.Edgardo Jose, Cheng Gilberto Napilot, Capt. Arnaldo Romero, Cheng Alfredo Patungan and Knut Morten Johansen.

Sitting from left: Capt. Ranilo Asi, Capt. Benedicto Gulliab, Capt. Zaldy Culajara, Cheng Conrado Lalim, Eng2 Rodolfo Acosta Jr. and Cheng Felimon Dorado Jr.