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2006 3rd Technical Conference

38 of Höegh Fleet Services' Senior and Junior deck and engine room officers attended the Officers' Conference at the CSB hotel in Manila in late November. The three-day conference was a combined effort by Höegh Autoliner, Norwegian Hull and HFS. It included a review various regulations, and presentations from the company's leadership. The conference also featured a day-long session by the Norwegian Hull Club. The aim was to discuss costly incidents in the industry and at Höegh, to learn from mistakes. Each day was rounded off with a social gathering.

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Junior Officers Conference Participants

On the 20th and 21st of July 2006, the 2nd Junior Officers Conference was held at the Höegh Fleet Services Phils., Inc. Training Room. A total of 28 Junior Officers participated in the event: five (5) Second Officers, four (4) Third Officers, five (5) Fourth Officers, four (4) Third Engineers, three (3) Fourth Engineers and seven (7) Electricians attended the conference.

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Ratings Conference Participants

Twenty-six (26) ratings attended the conference last 28 July 2006. There were four (4) Bosuns, one (1) Chief Cook, nine (9) AB, three (3) OS, one (1) Messman, one (1) Deck Boy, two (2) Oilers, four (4) Fitters and one (1) Engine Boy.

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