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2007 3rd Senior Officers Conference

A Senior Officers conference was held 20-22 November at the CSB Hotel. Sixteen senior officers attended this year's activity and were billeted at the hotel together with their spouses.

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2007 Senior Officers Conference

The Senior Officers Conference for the Year 2007 was held at the CSB hotel in Manila on 27-28 February to 01 March 2007 and was attended by 24 deck/engine Höegh Fleet Services Senior Officers. The three days conference was facilitated by Norwegian Hull Club and Höegh Fleet Services representatives and the agenda discussed are Leadership/Communication, Loss prevention, HFS focus areas 2007, QA & Safety issues and Fleet Personnel issues.

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2007 Junior Officers Conference

A Junior Officers’ Conference was held October 25-26, 2007 at the 4th Floor training room of HFSP. Thirty participants attended composed of (4) Second Officers, (7) Third Officers, (4) Fourth Officers, (6) Third Engineers, (5) Fourth Engineers and (4) Electricians.

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