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HFS Announces A Tremendous Increase in Net Monthly Pay

Following the suggestion from the Officers, HFS decided to dissolve the current Return Bonus (RB) as one of the pay elements. The RB amount remains but will, beginning 1st January 2011, be incorporated to the HFS Allowance which covers the market adjustment element. The decision has increased tremendously the net monthly pay on all Officer positions.

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HFSP Globe Contest

The impeccable team of IT & HSSEQ won the HFSP Globe Contest with the theme: The two faces of global environment: Global Warming! Global Warning.

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HFSP 2010 Team Building

The HFSP Team Building 2010 workshop was held at the Caliraya Re-creation Center & Resort, Lumban, Laguna on July 23-24, 2010 with all forty two (42) employees participating. It was an exciting package of learning sessions and fun, with the employees putting up entertainment-like moments. (2010-07-28)

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