Personnel Policy

We man our vessels with full Filipino complement, and can offer you:

Extra Allowances
  • Company allowance (on top of the CBA)
  • Old vessel allowance

Career Development
  • Extensive career development plan
  • Full Filipino crew onboard
  • Board exam incentive
  • Free board exam review fee
  • Meal and transportation allowance (on company supported courses)
  • Free training fee for STCW/Mandatory courses
  • Higher license bonus
  • Conferences & seminars
  • Cadet scholarship program
  • Opportunity for land-based career

  • Cash advance
  • Health Plan for Officers (Cocolife)
  • Family Day
  • Shorter Contract for Officers
  • Long lay-over allowance (connecting flights)
  • Extended Crew Coverage (P&I insurance cover while on vacation)
  • Retirement/Provident fund per CBA
  • Master's Payment Order (MPO)
  • Welfare Fund on board
  • USD allotment
  • Waiver of bank charges for allotment
  • Best Forex rate for Allotment
  • Free Internet on board
  • Onboard family carriage privilege
  • Free repatriation cost on compassionate grounds

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