About Us

Policies and Values


Höegh Fleet Services AS (HFS) shall provide effective, sustainable ship management at the lowest possible cost with zero harm to people and minimum environmental footprint. Support to the commercial operation shall always have our attention.


The best supplier of Ship Management; focused and cost efficient.


  • Bold: We are not afraid of taking on difficult challenges. We seek out new solutions and provide innovative offerings to our customers.
  • Agile: We are proactive and adapt quickly to change, seize opportunities as they arise and ensure effective performance of our vessels. We are receptive to demands from our customers.
  • Professional: We are committed, competent and co-operative when performing our daily work. We are honest and straightforward; we share information and have a company culture characterized by continuous improvement. We treat our colleagues with respect and care.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment

We shall ensure effective sustainable ship management at the lowest possible cost with zero harm to people and minimum environment footprint. Effective sustainable ship management means that we prioritise our resources where they give the best return according to our long term operational needs. All our employees should always have the commercial operation in mind when carrying out their daily tasks.

We aspire to create a safe and healthy workplace that is injury fee. Our priority should always be the safety and protection of people, environment, company assets and cargo, in that order. International and national legislation and guidelines form the basis of our work. We believe accidents can be prevented by building a company culture which reinforces safety awareness among our employees.

A key driver for our employees is an increased focus on - and necessity for - taking responsibility for the environment in which we operate. Our commitment goes beyond international rules and regulations. Our main environmental challenge is emissions to air. To meet this challenge, we primarily focus our environmental effors on reducing our vessels' fuel consumption. Other focus areas are the ballast water management, green recycling of old ships and waste stream management.

We strive to retain a workforce which is characterised by dedicated and skilled employees, continuous learning and a positive mindset towards new challenges. We educate all employees to understand the implications of this policy.