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Höegh Oslo – Broadband onboard

In May this year, Höegh Oslo was the first of our vessels to receive broad¬band. We asked the crew how they think the possibility to go online will change their life onboard.

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People Skills Enhancement Seminar

HFSP Managers and Supervisors recently attended a one and half day seminar on People Skills Enhancement. The seminar was conducted on June 15-16, 2011 at the Hoegh Building with Ms. Cecille Ayllon, of HarryPound as facilitator.

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Contributions to Japan's Earthquake & Tsunami Victims

When Japan was hit by one of the strongest earthquake ever recorded, it caused not only a gigantic tsunami but also a serious threat from a damaged nuclear power plant. Needless to say, it wreaked unimaginable havoc to the people and the areas affected.

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