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Höegh Oslo – Broadband onboard

In May this year, Höegh Oslo was the first of our vessels to receive broad¬band. We asked the crew how they think the possibility to go online will change their life onboard.

“It will make a great difference. Not only will it give us the satisfaction of reading the daily news but perhaps more importantly, the easier access to communicate with our loved ones who are in a distant homeland. This will certainly fuel our motivation, knowing that by the end of a hard day or rough seas you can easily communicate with your family to ease the stress.”

The following vessels are now VSAT-ready:

1. Höegh Asia
2. Höegh Bangkok
3. Höegh Berlin
4. Höegh Copenhagen
5. Höegh Delhi
6. Höegh Detroit
7. Höegh Manila
8. Höegh Maputo
9. Höegh Oslo
10. Höegh Seoul
11. Höegh Shanghai
12. Höegh St. Petersburg
13. Höegh Trader
14. Höegh Transit
15. Höegh Traveller
16. Höegh Treasure
17. Höegh Triton
18. Höegh Trooper
19. Höegh Tropicana
20. Höegh Trove
21. Morning Mercator