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HFSP Globe Contest

The impeccable team of IT & HSSEQ won the HFSP Globe Contest with the theme: The two faces of global environment: Global Warming! Global Warning. The team members were composed of Head of Section HSSEQ Capt. Dante Elpedes and the Head of Section IT  Benji Ventura and IT Helpdesk staff Vismark Campos and Glaiza Ladrillo. The team’s globe was chosen amongst the nine entries with 39 votes by the seafarers and the guests of HFSP office. Likewise, this globe won second place in the global Globe Contest of HFS during the Environmental Day Celebration amongst the 18 entries from all of HFS offices.

The two faces of global environment:

Face 1

Its never to late if you change how you behave

Dark smoke spewing, the atmosphere gasping

Oil slicks polluting, the oceans ever disgusting

Poor earth showing her sad sick loathing

Face 2

Its never too late if you change how you behave

Renewables’ in full swing, the atmosphere can now sing

Stop that oil flowing, the oceans can now stop crying

Dear earth displaying her happy health glowing

Global Warming! Global Warning!